In a globalizing world that dulls and standardizes ideas and products by measuring against the price, often to the detriment of quality and service, Brevetti ADEM offers its planning and realisative flexibility in order to satisfy all customers' functional necessities and expectations. The increased awareness on our means encourages us to become your personal partner.

A gradual evolution by preserving the rationalize research also on non-standard smaller productions: technique, concreteness and cheapness are its factors.
On behalf of Made in Italy, which distinguishes our production with ideas and diligence, together and thanks to our costumers.

Daniele De Marchi

Analyze customer needs

Customers are demanding solutions to everyday problems, which sometimes are repeated over time. brevetti adem strives to understand and solve them.

Search for solutions

Develop and devise solutions to the needs of applicants for simplifying the operation.


Giving shape and size due to the ideas of practical rationality, right costs and design.

Manufacture and test prototypes

Realization of prototypes which are then dimensionally checked and tested on site.


Qualified and certified operators realize the components for production lots. the products are checked to guarantee Made in italy.


Production capacity and stock availability guarantee fast delivery and capillaries.

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